A Year of Wild Words

Four seasonal writing courses, each lasting a month, to ground your creativity in the turning year, and help you build a sustainable, daily creative habit.  The Wild Words courses are built on the philosophy that creativity should be organic, low pressure, plentiful, and joyful.  The courses are made up of daily writing prompts, and focus on finding inspiration in the world around us.  These prompts allow you to devote as much or as little time to your creativity each day as you would like.

Rewild Your Writing

Each Wild Words course works independently: you can do one, two, three, or all four.  Perhaps you struggle to feel creative through the winter months, and would like a creative boost in January.  Perhaps you know that Spring and Summer are your most creative times of the year and want to capitalise on this, in which case the course can provide a gentle structure.

First and foremost, Wild Words will provide you with inspiration atuned to the changing seasons, and introduce an element of sustainable practice to help keep you writing through the year.  Suitable for both beginners and experienced writers, Wild Words is for anyone who would like to live more creatively, write more, or make an authentic connection with the natural world.

You can join the Wild Words courses in two ways.  If you'd like to work through the course in your own time, self-guided downloadable courses are available from my Etsy shop at the links below.  You'll receive a PDF of the entire course, all 30 prompts, and can choose how to work through them, whether that's one a day, or in a few "workshops" consisting of several prompts at once.  

If you'd like to join a group of writers working through the prompts each day for a month, the courses will run once a year in January, April, July, and October.  Participants receive an email every morning with that day's prompt and can spend however long they like working on it, from ten minutes to a couple of hours.

The next live course is Wild Words: Spring in April.  Places will go on sale soon.


Bright green leaves still new to the air and dark grey clouds banked up behind the hill. In the wood, anemones are opening like a secret.  Spring stars rattle calls out of the owls all night, and the air is strung with the smell of wild garlic and its promise of plenty.


Bees dusting their bellies against the hogweed flowers.  Swifts shrieking across the barley's meniscus, and plumes of dust rising from the track. Things unfurl their shadows under the hot sun and, quietly, the harebells begin to toll their sky blue notes. 


Crows tumble past harrying a kite. By the stile into the bramble-clogged green lane huge white fungi have shelved out of the grass and gather water like shallow porcelain cups. An apple, sliced in two to reveal the star at its heart.


Frost holds the valley in both hands. A black swan whistles the path of alders above the river. Ice snaps like toffee under our boots: The edgelands of winter, where the light frays against a hoarfrost, and a quiet fox lingers under the bare rowans.

Buttons will take you to my Etsy shop, where you'll find more details of each individual course and be able to buy them.  

Courses are available to download immediately after purchase.  

 What people say about my courses

"The quality, depth and originality of the writing prompts has been extraordinary. Each one has been unique, inviting and thought-provoking. After writing each day, I felt immensely proud of having created something. It didn’t matter too much whether it was the best writing. What mattered was the feeling of agency, empowerment, expression and joy at having created something. Writing made me calmer, more present to my own life and, often, more observant and grateful for what was around me. You have been hugely generous in what you have created for us. Thank you."

— Jane 

"This has definitely been the best value writing course ever!"

— Joy

"Intriguing and out of the box prompts - with both audio and visual stimuli as well as written ones. At this difficult time I found the prompts useful  in stimulating new ideas that one day will grow into better poems. Rhiannon was always so positive and clear in her feedback and I have come away with a host of new ideas that I would  never have attempted without her support. I would highly recommend her courses so dont hesitate - sign up."

— Tina

"The prompts in Rhiannon's course were perfect for ushering me back towards creativity during a difficult time. I loved the variety of exercises - there was something for writers of every stripe, and I was introduced to so many different ways of writing and approaching writing. It was a brilliant month!"

— Liz

Other Courses

Cabin Fever Creative Month

Writing in isolation needn't be difficult; you don't need a group, an in-person workshop, or even an online retreat. All you need is sustainable inspiration to keep you going and help you build a creative habit.

Cabin Fever doesn't have a theme: the prompts are diverse, dipping into prose, poetry, and non-fiction. Most are exercises with instructions to follow, and a few are more simple prompts for you to respond to however you would like. Some are a bit weird. Some might nudge you out of your writing comfort zone. Some are just plain fun. Cabin Fever is suitable for writers of just about anything; those new to writing who would like to give it a try, and those stuck at home looking to spend some time creatively and work on a skill, those who already write but would like some fresh inspiration. There are prompts written by me, as well as some other wonderful guest writers!

Click the button on the left to be taken to the Etsy listing for the course, where you'll find out more and can purchase a PDF of the course - it will be available immediately.