Sunday, 4 October 2020

Ink & Oak Tree has landed

For quite a while now I've been thinking of creating a separate website for my workshops, courses and mentoring work.   Since lockdown, when I hurriedly put together the Cabin Fever course, it's been clear that something like that is needed - something more organised and easy to navigate, something purpose built, where I can not only share news of new workshops and courses with you, but have more space to explain what it is I do with writing mentees, and sell downloadable workshops.

I am passionate about making writing and the processes behind it as accessible as possible; passionate about helping others find a way to live creatively.  To me, writing workshops should not all be about making you a more publishable writer (though I do teach that sort of workshop too!); sometimes what we need is something more authentic, instinctive, personal.  Thinking about that kind of creativity, and a more sustainable, authentic move of practise, is what led to the creation of Ink & Oak Tree.

On the Ink & Oak Tree website you will find information about my different mentorship packages.  If you're interested in working one-to-one with an experienced writer and editor, either on a specific project or on building a body of work, we can put together a program to suit you.  Click here for more information.

There's also a page for Wild Words, a course of four seasonal writing courses (we're currently on the Autumn course, which runs for the month of October!).  Each course works independently, and is made up of seasonal writing prompts delivered to your inbox each day for a month.  Click here to read more.

On the blog there, Notes from the Hilltop, I will be writing about topics that might be useful or inspiring to others in various places along their writing journey.  I kicked things off with a short essay In Praise of Writer's Block.


You will also find a link there to my new etsy shop, where you can purchase poetry cards and downloadable workshops and courses.  I'm still in the process of getting those up, but at the moment you can purchase the Cabin Fever Creative Month and the first Wild Words course, Summer.  Because they're on Etsy, they will be available to you as soon as you purchase, without waiting for me to email anything to you. 

I'll be adding more workshops and online courses to the Ink & Oak Tree site, as well as etsy - the easiest way to keep up with that is to follow me on instagram, though there is an Ink & Oak Tree facebook page too even if I moan about having to use it.

I intend to keep this website running and focused on my own writing and appearances, but I hope the Ink & Oak Tree website will help anyone wanting to sign up for workhops or courses, work with me or buy the odd poetry product - do check it out if you're inclined!

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