Saturday 19 November 2016

The Other City now available!

I am delighted to say that my book, The Other City, has now been published by Seren Books and is available to buy!

'A thoughtful, complex and lyrical first collection of poems...  The poet charts a course through real and imagined landscapes, where actions are done and undone, and the everyday made unfamiliar.  Drawing on the personal and political histories of the Welsh countryside where she grew up, as well as more enigmatic mythologies, the poems map a journey through both the familiar and the foreign, giving us glimpses of unsettling spaces, where light falls "like silk pegged out to rot across the snow".'

'Sensuous, musical, darkly involved, the poems make and confound their own realities.  Each is beautifully detailed, each rich with memor and possibility, haunted by presence and absence, by a terrific and sometimes terrifying sense of the forces that condition human and experience and relationships.  The Other City is compelling and provocative work from an authentically engaged poetic imagination.'  - Graham Mort

You can purchase the book from the Seren website here.

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