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I am happy to be emailed with enquiries, but pleased check out Ink & Oak Tree for more information.  Thank you!

I offer day workshops for groups of up to fifteen individuals, which are tailored to your interests and include a range of activities.  We will explore our subject matter thoroughly, beginning with generative exercises to kick start our creativity, and progressing through various approaches that ensure you will leave with not only several new pieces of work, but an understanding of the processes behind that work, that you can put into practise as part of your own creative process.
Recent topics for workshops have included Landscape and Memory, Ekphrastic Poetry, Poetry and the Landscape, and The Poet Abroad, which dealt with how to approach writing poetry about other cultures respectfully and without cultural appropriation.

Creative Mentoring
I also offer a one-to-one creative mentoring service.  If you would like to work towards a specific goal with an experienced writer and editor, or feel that your creative output is flagging and needs more wide-ranging input, please get in contact to discuss a program that would suit you.

Past projects include helping to edit a first novel, helping to find the right order for a collection of poems before it was submitted to publishers, working with bloggers to find a consistent tone, and individual workshops designed to foster creativity for mental health.  I am happy to work with you in person or online.

"Not a moment was wasted despite the relaxed and inclusive atmosphere. She got us started with engaging prompts and followed up with a variety of stimulating and thought-provoking exercises. We relished her encouraging comments and came away with useful techniques and a crop of poems to work on later."

"Without a doubt, the best creative writing workshop I have attended.  Inspiring and dynamic."

"Rhiannon Hooson was tremendously supportive when I attended her workshop on ekphrastic poetry. Despite the paradox, as a blind person I love to respond to visual images, and Rhiannon described all the images that I needed to respond to. It was a warm and friendly session and I gained a lot of new ideas and learned several new techniques from attending."  Giles Turnbull

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