Monday, 16 March 2020

Cabin Fever!

Being isolated due to a global pandemic sounds quite interesting until it happens, and then you find out very quickly that it is extremely boring, and involves a constant background hum of stress.  Even if you haven't self-isolated, you have probably found that most, if not all of the things you'd usually be doing are cancelled.  Perhaps, like me, you have had to cancel almost everything that would have generated your income for the next couple of months.

So what will you do with all of this time?  In an effort to avoid a daily covid-19 news spiral, or vegetating in front of netflix (though that will happen too no doubt), I decided I wanted to spend some time every day doing something creative, something that would refocus my attention; something positive.

Cabin Fever Creative Month is what I came up with.  A month of creative writing prompts and exercises doled out to you one a day, so that you can spend some time each day doing something creative, inspiring, and grounding - whether for ten minutes or a couple of hours is up to you.  Cabin Fever is designed to be low pressure (we surely have enough going on), and suitable for writers of just about anything; those new to writing who would like to give it a try, and those stuck at home looking to spend some time creatively and work on a skill, those who already write but would like some fresh inspiration and a group of likeminded creatives to connect with.  There will be prompts from me, as well as some other wonderful writers!

And best of all, you can do the lot from your barricaded flat, living off cold tinned spaghetti or whatever we've all been reduced to by April.  It even comes with a fb group where you can share your work, chat, or find support.

So, if you're self-isolating, social-distancing, or just fancy spending some time exploring your creativity through writing, join the Cabin Fever Creatives for a month of creative prompts, jokes about hazmat suits, and a space to lament when you run out of biscuits.

The course will begin on the 30th of March and run for four weeks, finishing on the 27th of April.
To keep it as accessible as possible, the cost is £15 per person.

The course has already started, is it too late to join?
Not at all!  People joining after we begin will be sent all of the prompts thus far as a document, so they don't miss out on anything and can respond to them in their own time.

Questions?  Feel free to drop me an email at


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